Astrology & Palmistry

Astrology and Palmistry brings you into harmony with yourself

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Lunar Gardening

Ancient Moon Gardening brings you into harmony with Mother Nature

Astrology, Palmistry, and Ancient Moon Gardening

Look at the earth and know that you are supported, look at your hands and know that you are unique, and look at the stars and know that you are part of something greater than yourself!

Astrology & Palmistry

To be in Harmony with Yourself

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The Art of Astrology and Palmistry is to be in harmony with yourself and to understand life’s journey. Astrology and Palmistry are ancient valuable tools useful in helping us understand our personalities and characters, and the developments in our life.

Astrology uses the positions of the planets and the stars to see your star given potential. Palmistry uses the lines and shape of the hand to see your natural potential. Together they see your position in life’s journey… for the present, in the past and towards future; to see what to avoid and what to enjoy.

Moon Gardening

To be in Harmony with Mother Nature

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Ancient Moon Gardening, or Lunar Gardening is aligning ourselves with Mother Nature for harmony with the earth, and this leads to productive crops and increases our appreciation, the abundance, and the beauty of gardens while we care for the land.

Planting by the Moon is an ancient technique that is simple and easy to use. Following the Moon gives us the days to plant, prune for growth and to prune to limit growth, harvest, treat pests, feed and weed, even when to have haircuts and colours, to garden for health remedies, the days to work, to rest and much more. It combines the Moon Phase with Fertile and Barren Moon Signs and is easy to use; and it works!

About Kerry

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Hello and welcome to my website!

I have been an Astrologer and Palmist for over 20 years and an avid gardener in the earth since I can remember. I began my working life as a Medical Scientist and continued it while working as an Astrologer and Palmist. There was also a time I trained and worked as a Teacher. Gardening has been constant delight, a creative expression and also a wonderful opportunity to gain harmony with Mother Nature. All roles have given me amazing experiences and extra skills and have added to my passion for life.